Who am I?

After a long and hard surfing you have reached your goal, my home page! I can still feel the waves after your netsurfing board. You are probably a real netsurfer who have found your way here or a friend of mine to whom I have given my nice URL. Whoever you are, please feel welcome!

Nuf of dis, I am a normal working person and also the administrator of MacinLund's home page "MacinLund Home Page", I'm also one of the system administrators on the machines in our club room. In my spare time I'm doing some DJing (mostly at home, quite expensive with vinyl nowadays ;-). Some of my other interests are Mountain biking, Skiing (downhill) and Computers (Internet). My plans for the future is to run my own business, so I can make my own decisions. I hope you will n-joy my home page. Do you want to know how I live, check out my Quicktime VR!
If you want to check what's last updated, please check my PageLog.
If you wonder about the time in Sweden right now; check it out on my time page.
Do you like countdowns? Check my countdown page at:
Maybe you want to say something to the people in MacinLund's clubroom. This is possible in my "Talk2Us"-page.

If you want to contact me, please use my e-mail above which I normally check every day (with help of a good web client (Netscape) you only have to press my e-mail address to send one).

Have fun and keep on surfing!!!

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